A Low Altitude Aerial Perspective of San Salvador, The Bahamas

What do the Bahamas make you think of? Maybe beautiful beaches, nice resorts, and possibly coral reefs? I know that my first associations with the Bahamas were definitely not drones and hurricanes, but this January I got to see how these things all fit together. I had the privilege of joining a crew from the […]

May in Review

See what the Spatial Analysis Lab (SAL) has been up to in the great month of May: 1. Student Support 2. Faculty Support 3. Campus Connections 4. Outreach   1. Student Support Senior week workshops (5/12 – 5/15): In the week after finals and leading up to graduation, commonly called Senior Week, we hosted a series of informal […]

Contribute to the Smithie Summer Plans (and beyond!) Webmap

Take a look at our web map to see where Smith students are spending their summer 2015! Explore the interesting research that students will be conducting, the cool jobs students are heading off to work at, the exciting continuing education programs students have been accepted to, the adventurous travel plans students have in store, and the […]

February 2015 Update (16th – 27th)

It has been a busy two weeks in the Spatial Analysis Lab. Read on to learn about our most recent support of GIS work across campus. 1. Class Support 2. Student Support 3. Faculty Support 4. Outreach 5. Campus Connections 1. Class Support We kicked off our work with Professor Camille Washington-Ottombre’s class Environmental Integration II: Collecting […]

Alternative Locations for Ford Hall and Future Campus Expansion

Shu Liu Geo150, spring 2007 Smith College’s Ford Hall is an approximately 140,000-square-foot building that will accommodate its expanding Picker Engineering Program, computer science, chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology departments. Named in honor of the Ford Motor Company Fund, the primary donor to the scheme, Ford Hall will be a sustainable, environmentally friendly and academically-inspiring […]

Implications of Proposed Employee Parking Cash Out Program at Smith

Melissa Kelley Geo150, spring 2007 My map displays the relationship between employee groups at Smith College (faculty, administration, administrative support, course support and service) and place of residence. In particular, my project explores the implications of the proposed employee parking cash out program, included in the new parking master plan released February 8, 2007, under […]

Sustainable Wal-Mart Locations and the Demographics Behind Their Construction

Katherine Jones Geo150, spring 2007 Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has grown in the last forty years to be one of the most successful retailers in the world. In 2007 the company reported having 1,063 regular stores and 2,285 Supercenters in the United States alone1. This success, however, has been subject to great controversy. The retailer has […]

Accessibility of Family Services in the Flats of Holyoke, MA

María J. Rendón GEO150, spring 2007 THE RECOVERY OF HOLYOKE THROUGH FAMILY-ORIENTED SERVICES Holyoke is notoriously known to be the poorest city in the state of Massachusetts. Its high poverty levels are intrinsically tied to a variety of problems among the youth, such as high drop-out rates, crime and substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, etc. In […]

Illustrating the Invisible

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between Smith College students and the Smith College campus through a spatial medium