Looking for Desktop ArcGIS?

GIS fans at Smith can find Desktop ArcGIS, version 9.3.1 installed in the following labs:

Bass Hall
Basement 02, 102, 103 (the SAL) and 105*

Image Tip for ArcGIS

Did you know that you can “drag and drop” images from Windows Explorer onto ArcMap? You can! No more waiting for ArcCatalog to load the images into the contents panel. Save time and browse with Windows Explorer to your image collections (e.g. 2005 Orthophotos).

Who moved my GIS?

ESRI is readying the release of ArcGIS 9.2 and there will undoubtedly be changes that affect how you work and / or how your GIS exercises hold up to the rigors of student use. I’ll organize a 9.2 “debriefing” mid to late August when I return from the ESRI User Conference. In the meantime, take […]