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Popham Beach, Phippsburg, ME April 2018

Grow Food Northampton, Northampton, May 2018

Fitzgerald Lake, Northampton, May/June 2018















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2012 – 2013 –

Mapping Coral Reefs – Belize

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2011 – 2013

Biogeography of forest plant endemism in eastern North America

Jesse Bellemare, David A. Moeller2, Lilly Dalton ’12, Emily Barbour ’14, Katherine Dymek ’14, and Jon Caris
2 = University of Minnesota, Dept. of Plant Biology

Processed nearly 200 individual species range maps(see models below) from the Biota of North America Program to produce a map highlighting clusters of forest plant locations and diversity.


 jb_9-27-2013 2-24-57 PM jb_9-27-2013 2-24-33 PM jb_9-27-2013 2-24-38 PM Bellemare_map_10-2-2013 11-17-08 AM


A Community Divided? Yes_No_Wards

Sarah Motti ’10 and Jon Caris


Geography Lesson for Legislators

Nat Fortune.  Mapping support by Amanda Nyren ’06 and Jon Caris



2005 and 2001

Illustrating the Invisible (Psychology of Space)

Stephanie Keep ’01.  Advisors: Peter de Villiers and Jon Caris