Past Bios


Post-Bac Spatial Analysis Fellow

Scott Gilman

Hi, everyone! My name is Scott. I graduated from Middlebury College in May 2016 where I pursued a joint major in Geography and Environmental Studies and a minor in African Studies. I’m highly interested in studying economic development, conservation policy, and rural gentrification using GIS. I’ve also been learning online mapping platforms like CartoDB and Mapbox and hope to use web maps to better communicate spatial data to a general audience. Outside of the Spatial Analysis lab, you might find me hiking, skiing, or playing music – usually on a trumpet, organ, or carillon. I look forward to working with Smith’s community of spatial thinkers!

SAL Assistants

Eliana ’16

Hi! I am Eliana and I am a Geosciences major and Engineering minor. I’ve worked with Professor Bob Newton using Lidar to learn about landslides and the glacial history of New England. I’ve also researched about volcanic ash and invertebrate paleontology. I previously interned with the American Geosciences Institute as a policy intern and with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration investigating dolphin health in the coastal waters of Charleston, SC. I am especially interested in natural hazards and science policy. Since working on robots in high school I’ve also been fascinated by technology like drones. I am from Stow, MA and am enjoying life in Northrop House. When I’m not in the SAL, I can often be found upside-down doing handstands and Acro Yoga.

Karen ’16

Hi, everyone! I’m Karen, a senior double major in Biology and Environmental Science and Policy. I think technology is a really cool bridge between scientific principles to information presentation for the public. For myself, I am interested in science communication and conservation – amongst so many other topics! I hail from Quincy, MA but I am now in Chase House. For my last two internships, I spent time at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston educating visitors and handling animals; at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in DC, I built evolutionary trees and tried to unlock the secrets of plant DNA. Out of the SAL, I’ll probably be adventuring around Paradise Pond or admiring our campus trees.
Kalynn ’19

Hello! My name is Kalynn. I am originally from NYC but currently live in Wilson House. I am a first-year at Smith College and I plan to declare as a Computer Science major by the end of this semester (Spring ’16), which is very exciting! I started off in CSC111, and that is where I fell in love with CS! One of our last assignments was to create a map in Python. I discussed my assignment with my professor, Dominique Thiebaut, and once the assignment was completed he directed me to Jon Caris to work on future projects. This is my first time working with a professor! 🙂 When I’m not working on code, I like to make pottery, care for my succulents, and play the guitar.

Lyn ’17
Member of the Ground Crew.  Bio coming soon!


Stephanie, GPS and Data Wizard

Hi, I’m Stephanie! I’m  senior majoring in Neuroscience. I’m originally from New York, but I currently reside in Scales House. This is my third year working in the lab; my current projects involve campus sustainability and chalkings seen across campus. In the Springtime, you can probably catch me wandering around campus snapping photos of flowers with an iPad for Order of Bloom. I enjoy baking and reading a good book in my free time. I generally eat yogurt with granola in the mornings.

Ren, Geo Programmer

‘ello, lovelies!

I’m the Ren part of the RenSol programming team for the Spatial Analysis Lab. I aim to survive my junior year and complete my major in Computer Science this time around. When I’m not living in the haunted Sessions Complex, I’m living in my hopefully-not-haunted home down in Houston, Texas. Breakfast foods are my life but scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheese sandwiches reign supreme in my heart. I’m a writer during the summer, an artist when I’m suffering under a lecture, a singer in my head, a dancer when no one is looking, and a cook on the weekends.

Sol, Geo Programmer

Hello World! My name is Sol Kim, and I’m ½ of the RenSol Geo Programming Team.. I live in Gillett House, but I’m originally from Illinois. I grew up next to a corn field 😀  I like friendship and dislike haters. My favorite breakfast food is oatmeal with brown sugar and walnuts.

Elizabeth, GIS Garden Liason

Hello, I’m Elizabeth! I’m a sophomore originally from North Carolina, but I’m very pleased to be living here where there are four seasons.  I currently reside in Tyler House and am planning to major in Biology and minor in Landscape Studies.  I was an intern at the botanic garden last summer, and I’m so excited to be the Garden-GIS liaison and keep working with two of my favorite things, plants and computers!  When not studying or gaming, I’m also a big fan of reading, baking, crocheting, and watching endless re-reruns of Firefly.  The best breakfast in the world is coffee, a cream-cheese slathered everything bagel, and a banana.

STRIDE Research Students


Stat Sheet: Class Year: 2017 // Hometown: Lunenburg, Massachusetts // Intended Major: Engineering (discipline – as yet to be determined)

Relevant Interests: Photography and photo-editing; innovations in science and technology in general.

Other Interests/Hobbies: Rugby, soccer; reading, bookstore/library/museum-hopping; baking; drawing/painting.


Hi everyone! My name is Christine. I am working on some research in the SAL on drones, kites, low aerial photography, etc. I am interested in majoring in engineering at Smith, although I am not yet sure what type.


Elena, Geo Artist

Hi, I’m Elena, the Geo Artist for the Spatial Analysis Lab. I’m double majoring in Studio Art and Psychology and doing a Concentration in Museum Studies (an odd mix), and am tragically a Senior. I primarily help support the lab with art, like making Facebook profile visuals, various icons/labels, and some maps. I’ve learned my way around ArcGIS though, so don’t be afraid to ask me a question! (Worst case scenario, I will Google for the answer.) Talk to me if you/your friends/your parents/your parent’s friends have passionate feelings about the current campus map and have thoughts on how we could make it more usable for you! I get excited about animation and comics, and those raspberry strudel sticks they serve for breakfast sometimes.

Ren, Geo Programmer

Hello, I’m Ren! I’m the programmer for the Spatial Analysis Lab. If you want more detail of what exactly I do for the lab feel free to ask me through email or in person at my lab hours. I’m a sophomore here at Smith College majoring in – as you may have guessed! – Computer Science. When I’m not living in the haunted Sessions Complex, I’m living in my hopefully not haunted home down in Houston, Texas, so don’t be surprised when I pepper my speech with ‘ya’ll.’ I love most breakfast foods but scrambled eggs and bacon reign supreme. I’m a writer during the summer, an artist when I’m suffering under a lecture, a singer in my head, a dancer when no one is looking, and a cook on the weekends.

Stephanie Hyunh ’15

Brittany Bennet ’16

Brittany decided to leave her southern town and accent to pursue a B.S in Engineering Science, focusing on the intersections of social justice, sustainability, and engineering. She usually eats a waffle for breakfast (and dinner when she can).


Elena Terhune ’14
Position: Geo-Artist

  • SAL branding (logos and banners)
  • Publication Maps for Al Curran (Geoscience)
  • Research on techniques and workflows transitioning ArcMap data to Adobe Illustrator
  • Map rendering and programming with Processing

 Stephanie Hyunh ’14
Position: OCIP

  • Order of Bloom 2013
  • Develop and populate previous Order of Bloom databases (2009, 2010, 2011….)
  • Georeference historic Sanborn map (1915 Northampton)

 Brittany Innis ’13
Position: GPS Girl 1

  • GPS Training
  • Building Spatial Adjustment

 Camille Dwyer ’14 (Fall 2012)
Position: GPS Girl 2

  • Traffic Accidents Map
  • Campus Chalk data collection and mapping


Elena Terhune ’14
Position: OCIP

  • Develop Opt-Out Parking Map and Time Series Animation

Brittany Innis ’13
Position: GPS Girl 1


Camille Dwyer ’14 (Fall 2012)
Position: GPS Girl 2