A wide variety of equipment for acquiring and processing spatial data is available for use both in and outside of the SAL.   Anyone wishing to borrow SAL equipment should submit an equipment request form.


22 Dell Optiplex 7010

  • OS: Windows 7 Professional
  • i7-3770 Processor (Quad Core, 3.40GHz, 8MB w/HD4000 Graphics)
  • 16GB Ram
  • 500 GB Hard Drive
  • Dell 20″ Monitor, P2014H

GPS Units


7 Garmin eTrex Venture HC GPS units are currently available in the Spatial Analysis Lab.

Accuracy: 10+  meters, depending on conditions.

Suitable for navigation, geocaching, marking waypoints and tracks. Waypoints and tracks can be loaded directly into Google Earth (version 5.x and above).

Intermediate / Advanced

8    Trimble GeoExplorer XMs (2001 series) rated at 2-5 meter accuracy
2    Trimble GeoExplorer XTs (2001 series) rated at 1-2 meter accuracy
20  Trimble Juno SB (2010) rated at 2-5 meter accuracy.

The Trimble Juno SB units were purchased by the SAL and Geoscience with support from CET

Note the links above to the Trimble GeoExplorer units reference current units.  The GeoExplorer XM and XT units are discontinued and there are no active links.

Data from all of the Trimble units can be differentially corrected for greater accuracies using Trimble’s Pathfinder Office software. Pathfinder Office software is Microsoft Windows-based and is designed for ease-of-use and high productivity.  The Data Dictionary Editor allows you to create custom menus for uploading to your data collector. For high accuracy applications, a carrier phase processing module is included with Pathfinder Office software.

Pathfinder Office software makes exporting GPS data to your GIS a simple process. Parameters for exporting data can be set up in the system and saved for use on future projects. Pathfinder Office will export files to most GIS and CAD systems including  ArcGIS and AutoCAD.

Advanced Survey Grade

1 Trimble GeoExplorer XH (2005 series) rated at < 30 centimeter.
1 Trimble GeoExplorer XH (2008 series) rated at < 30 centimeter.

The GeoXH handheld provides real-time subfoot (<30 cm) accuracy with the internal antenna, and decimeter (10 cm) accuracy with an optional Zephyr™ external antenna.

1 Timble Pro XRS GPS

The Pro XRS offers GPS, WAAS, satellite differential, and beacon capabilities. Submeter accuracy positions with post processing differential correction.

1 Leica Total Station {link to newer system than we have} (see Bob Newton, Geology for use and access).

Intermediate / Specialized

2 TruPulse360B Laser Range Finders

Measure Slope Distance, Inclination (% Slope) and Azimuth. Calculates Horizontal Distance, Vertical Distance, Height and Missing Line values. Equipped with 7x optics, in-scope data display and a serial port. Includes integrated Bluetooth® wireless communication.

2 Capturx for ArcGIS Desktop is a powerful, easy-to-use, data collection solution that enables you to keep using paper maps that are marked up with a digital pen. See Jon Caris in the SAL for use and access.

Large Format Scanner

Context Crystal G600 42″ sheet feed scanner.  Inquire before use.

Smith / Northampton GPS Base Station (hamp)