November Mystery Map

In celebration of Geo Week and GIS Day, we’re happy to announce another Mystery Map competition! Scott put together this map after paying a visit to the city clerk earlier this week. Click here for a higher resolution version of the map (in PDF format). (Read about October Mystery Map/Data answer)  

Fall 2015 Mystery Map-Data

We have cool, shiny new LiDAR data to play with in the Spatial Analysis Lab.  These data were captured in December 2013, but we did not receive the final product until earlier this summer.  We’ll provide more details about LiDAR,  and our plans for processing and analysis after the Mystery Map competition is complete.  Until […]

Winter Mystery Map Revealed

Answer Revealed: As many of you successfully guessed — our winter mystery map, themed: Annual Valley Event, was mapping… Valley Gives Day 2014!                                 Making the Map The first map produced was the one used as the winter mystery map. […]

February 2015 Update (16th – 27th)

It has been a busy two weeks in the Spatial Analysis Lab. Read on to learn about our most recent support of GIS work across campus. 1. Class Support 2. Student Support 3. Faculty Support 4. Outreach 5. Campus Connections 1. Class Support We kicked off our work with Professor Camille Washington-Ottombre’s class Environmental Integration II: Collecting […]

Winter 2015 Mystery Map

In celebration of the indoors we bring you our latest Mystery Map to help occupy your mind through the last of the winter’s cold! Challenge: Name the Annual Event Bonus: Explain the Pattern click to expand Submit answers here by Friday 3/6 — winner will be announced soon after

November Mystery Map Revealed — Mystery Migrations

Answer Revealed This mystery map challenged viewers to anticipate movements on campus based on a set of starting points and ending points. What quest is shown on the map?? The journey to the Lewis Global Studies coffee machine! The map was inspired by a mapping survey conducted at this coffee machine in Wright Hall. The survey gathered […]

Fall 2014 Mystery Map

The Spatial Analysis Lab’s Mystery Map Contest returns with its Fall 2014 challenge: Regulated Space Study the image (map) below (click to expand) to solve the mystery of the regulated space depicted in each of the three maps! The first correct answer* wins a choice of: An on-line GIS course ($100 value) Admission to one of SAL’s Instructor-Led […]

February Mystery Map: Solution Revealed!

And the answer is… The February Mystery Map challenged you to match four different maps of the world with the quantitative variables they showed, and prompted all interested spatial thinkers and pattern detectives to question things like: “Which areas are more heavily represented in the Winter Olympics, and which areas are more represented in the Summer […]

January Mystery Map Answer Released!

January Mystery Map: “Hear ye, hear ye!” What mystery variable is taking over the Smith College campus? The answer is: The mystery map shows the location of chalkings on the Smith College campus. Additionally, the color of each dot corresponds to the content of the chalking, which we classified into six categories: events on campus, inspirational […]