All Orthophotos Available on GEO

The latest Orthophotos (2008-2009) are now available locally on GEO.   You may now load the images from: Q:dataimages2008-2009Orthophotos or gishomedataimages2008-2009Orthophotos Remember, it is much easier to load and use the orthophoto images with image or raster catalogs.  Two raster catalogs are available: IMGCAT_COQ2008_2009SID_30CM.dbf    {for 30 cm images} and IMGCAT_COQ2008_2009SID_15CM.dbf    {for 15cm images in select […]

2009 Orthophotography

Take a look a sneak preview of the 2009 Orthophotography courtesy of MassGIS, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs and a buddy of mine at PVRPC. In the Google Maps overlay, check out: — * the kayakers on Paradise Pond * Nat Fortune’s “house” on Burton Lawn * blankets and students on Chapin […]

New – 2005 – Orthophotos are available

he 2005 Massachusetts Orthophotos are now available for Western Massachusetts. Visit the MassGIS webstie for details. All orthophotos are available in the SAL on GEO. Just connect to: Geodatavolgisdataus_stateseastusamaImagesOrthophotos2005 and start viewing gorgeous imagery.