Gobble Gobble (Where Have the Tofurkeys Gone?)

Welcome back from Thanksgiving! We wrapped up our Tofurkey Map with 115 views – including one fan from Ireland. There were 41 contributions to this crowd-sourced break destination map. Here are the superlatives: Fanciest dish: wild rice, apple, and sausage stuffing  Most encompassing dish: “All of it!” Trendiest dish?: Vegan almond butter gravy (Here’s the […]

Tofurky Animation

We’re thrilled by how many responses we got to our 2nd annual Tofurky Map. Almost 200 people posted to the map, and over 1,250 people viewed it!               We created an animated map showing submissions over the week of Thanksgiving. We used a very cool tool called Torque from CartoDB, […]