Documentary Video – Research trip to St. Catherines Island

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We plan to offer future courses and research trips harnessing drone technology.  Please visit our sister site dedicated to DroneThinking at Smith College

Students on the trip included:

  • Emma Becker
  • Asmita Gautam
  • Susannah Howard
  • Anastasia Konefal
  • Jasmine Pacheco-Ramos
  • Emily Wert
  • Alexandra Widstrand (co-instructor)

Instructors were Jon Caris and Scott Gilman, Spatial Analysis Lab
Video Production by Kate Lee, Senior Video Producer, Smith College

Tremendous thanks to our financial supporters:

  • Environmental Science & Policy (ES&P)
  • Center for the Environment, Ecological Design and Sustainability (CEEDs)
  • Office of the Provost and Dean of the Faculty
  • Office of the Dean of the College
  • Smith Students’ Aid Society (SSAS)
  • Office of International Studies
  • Spatial Analysis Lab (SAL)

Special thanks to our collaborators:

  • Kashmir World Foundation
  • St. Catherines Island Foundation
  • Jaynie Gaskin, Georgia Southern University Sea Turtle Program