Environmental Integration: IV: Sustainable Solutions

ENV 312 ~ Fall 2012


From the course catalog:

This course engages the class in a semester-long design and/or analysis project. Students will work in ad hoc teams using a variety of skills and knowledge to address a current issue or question related to environmental sustainability for our local community. The specific projects will vary from year to year. Students will gain direct experience with the range and complexity of activities required to address a real-world environmental project. Student work will be assessed via progress reports (written and oral), reflective essays, and a final report. Prerequisites: ENV 101, Statistics, ENV 201/202, ENV 311. ENV 311 may be taken concurrently. Enrollment limited to 16. (E)

Mapping Services, Ambergris Caye, Belize

Select one the map services below to begin exploring GIS data for Ambergris Caye.  These services present some of the data most revelant to the ENV312 Class.  However, many more spatial data are available in the SAL and beyond (see links below).


Map Comparison                       Ecosystem & Protected Areas


Change Matters Viewer               LandsatLook Viewer


Ecosystem-Imagery Swipe     2004-2011 EcoSwipe


Google Earth (has great imagery – contemporary and historical)




Belize Spatial Data Inventory (ver. 1.0) (excel spreadsheet)


Spatial Data Warehouse at The Biodiversity & Environmental Resource Data System of Belize (BERDS)

Monitoring of Coral Reefs in Belize (includes mapping application)

Ambergris Caye Citizens for Sustainable Development (ACCSD)