“Map A is driving me crazy — I just made this up. I have no idea.I’m going to keep working on it.”

Fall 2014 Mystery Map participant

“Another important course is GIS: Intro to Mapping Your World because every ES&P major should have GIS experience”

Rebecca ’12 –  fall 2011 ES&P newsletter

“GIS would not be bearable without your assistance, but life without GIS would be miserable!”

Eliza and Katie, ’07 GEO150

“Here I am, switched programs into Epidemiology. Still interested in GIS, but haven’t been able to play with it for over a year now so I am extremely rusty. I was wondering if there is any way you could send me the PDFs we used in class? I was thinking of going through them to refresh the knowledge! Is there any workbook or book you recommend for me to work with? “

Gabby’ 08

“First I want to thank you for you work on Historic Settlement Patterns. I plan to use in a couple of the geography classes that I teach.”

Bruce, Professor of Geography
Department of Geography
Research Fellow, Center for Regional Development

“After taking Intro to GIS with you and Bob in 2007 I decided to see what more I could accomplish with an intermediate class and have been surprised. I want to say a big (huge!) “Thank You!” for being such an incredible and patient GIS instructor. This class has shown me how difficult it must be to teach such a skill and I would never have enjoyed the skill without your expertise. This class is far from the fun I had at Smith and if this was all I had to judge GIS by I would absolutely despise all maps.”

2007 Alumnae

“So, I’ve just completed my second week at Columbia, and I thought you’d be happy to hear that I’m still working with ArcGIS. Everything you and Prof. Burger taught me last semester has been coming in quite handy. I’ve finished all my GIS assignments early (before the end of class) so far, and anticipate smooth sailing during our first take-home assignment next week. I’ve also been able to help some of my classmates when they’ve had trouble.”

Britni, 2007 Alumnae

“A good map is both a useful tool and a magic carpet to far away places”