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Steering Committee

* Bob Newton, Geoscience
* Amy Rhodes, Geoscience
* Dana Leibsohn, Art History
* Leslie King, Sociology
* Jon Caris, Director, SAL


Jon Caris, Director, Office: Sabin-Reed 227
Tracy Tien, Spatial Fellow, Office: Sabin-Reed 228,

Student Assistants

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Listing of Smith Faculty & Instructors who use or have used the SAL or GIS/GPS  technologies:

Elliot Fratkin, Anthropology
Fernando Armstrong-Fumero, Anthropology
Elizabeth Klarich, Anthropology (2013 ….)
Susan Allen, Archaeology
Dana Leibsohn, Art History (2009 ….)
Steve Tilley, Biology
Bob Mcmaster, Biology
Tom Litwin, Biology
John Burk, Biology
Rob Dorit, Biology
Bob Merritt, Biology (2006 ….)
Ginny Hayssen, Biology (2011 ….)
David Smith, Biology
Denise Lello, Biology (2007 ….)
Paul  Wetzel, Biology
Elizabeth Farnsworth, Biology
Jesse Bellemare, Biology
Graham Kent, Biology
Carolyn Wetzel, Biology
Michael Marcotrigaino, Biology, Botanic Gardens
Rob Nicholson, Botanic Gardens
Elaine Chittenden, Botanic Gardens (2010 ….)
Polly  Ryan-Lane, Botanic Gardens (2011 ….)
Madelaine Zadik, Botanic Gardens (2010 ….)
Gaby Immerman, Botanic Gardens (2010 ….)
David Bickar, Chemistry
Nick Howe, Computer Science
Randall Bartlett, Economics
Elizabeth Savoca, Economics
Alan Rudnitsky, Education and Child Study
Paul Voss, Engineering
Drew Guswa, Engineering
Donna Riley, Engineering
Susannah Howe, Engineering
Denise McKahn, Engineering
Tim Doughty, Engineering
Julie Busa, Environmental Science and Policy
Don Siegel, Exercise and Sports Study
Helene Visentin, French
Robert Burger, Geoscience
John Brady, Geoscience
Bob Newton, Geoscience (1999 … )
Hillary Friedman, Geoscience
Bosijka Glumac, Geoscience
Mark Brandriss, Geoscience
Larry Meinert, Geoscience
Amy Rhodes, Geoscience
Al Curran, Geoscience
Steve Gaurin, Geoscience
Jack Loveless, Geoscience
Don Baumer, Government
Greg White, Government
Howard Gold, Government
Lester Little, History
David Newbury, History
Ann Zulawaski, History
Reid Bertone-Johnson, Landscape Studies
Jeffery Blankenship, Landscape Studies
Nick Horton, Math and Statistics
Patricia Sipe, Math and Statistics
Nat Fortune, Physics
Joyce Palmer-Fortune, Physics
Peter de Villiers, Psychology
Paul Newlin, Public Policy
Cat McCune, Math and Statistics
Peter  Gregory, Religion
Jamie Hubbard, Religion
Kerry Holmstead, Social Work
Ginetta Candelario, Sociology
Leslie King, Sociology (2008 …)
Elisabeth (Lisa) Armstrong, Study of Women & Gender (2009..)
Michael Barresi, Biology (2012 ….)
Ben Baumer, Math and Statistics (2013….)
Jina Kim, East Asian Studies (2013)
Sujane Wu, East Asian Languages & Lit (2013..)
Jim Middlebrook, Art and Architecture  (2013….)
Aurelia Campbell, Art (2013)
Jon Cartledge, Imaging Center (2014….)
Kim Dionne, Government (2014)
Sara Pruss, Geoscience (2014…)
Margaret Bruzelius, Eng Lit (2014…)
Susan Sayre, Environmental Science & Policy (2014 …)
Carol Berner, Education and Child Study (2014…)
Vis Taraz, Economics (2014…)
Alice Hearst, Government (2014)
Camille Washington-Ottombre, Environmental Science & Policy (2014 ..)
Yasmin Eisenhauer, ETS (2014 …)
Dano Weisbord, CEEDs (2014 …)
Andrew Berke, Chemistry (2015 ..)
Miriam Neptune, Library (2015 …)
Alex Barron, Environmental Science & Policy (2015 …)
Jeffrey Ahlman, History (2015…)
Caroline Melly, Anthropology (2015)
Constance Kassor, Religion (2015…)
Michelle Joffroy, Latin American and Latino/a Studies (2016 …)
Steve Moga, Landscape Studies (2016 …)
Niveen Ismail, Engineering (2016 …)
Joshua Birk, History (2016 …)
Ethan Meyers, Summer Programs (2016 …)
Anne Wibiralske, Summer Programs (2016 …)