Tofurkey Map Wrap-up

A screenshot of this year's Tofurkey map showing the Thanksgiving break destinations of 259 members of the Smith community

Smith students traveled to at least five continents over Thanksgiving break.

Thanks to all of you who participated in this year’s Tofurkey Map! 259 Smithies contributed their Thanksgiving break destination to the map.  Here’s a few fast facts compiled by SAL Assistant Ellen Sulser ’18:

  • Most popular dishes: (1) Stuffing – 42 respondents; (2) Mashed potatoes – 34 respondents; (3) TIE: Pumpkin pie and Turkey (34 respondents each)
  • Fanciest dish: scalloped oysters
  • Most concerning dish: Dinosaur egg oatmeal (which, according to Ellen, is great but not very filling)
  • Most interesting activities:
    • Food and friendship
    • Deer hunting
    • Going to the zoo
    • Cooking an all-American family for a host family in Florence (Italy, not Massachusetts)
    • Two respondents attended weddings on opposite sides of the world: one in New Delhi and one in Philadelphia
  • Best activity: eating until it hurts

We’ll have another travel map in time for winter break, so be on the lookout!