Fall 2014 Workshops

The following workshops are offered by the Spatial Analysis Lab this fall.  Sign up for workshops and express interests for workshop offerings on this form – note: some workshops will only be offered on request.

  • Introduction to Web Mapping
  • Intermediate Web Mapping
  • GPS (Parts I & II)
  • Communicating Data with Maps
  • Web Mapping with Google Products

Descriptions below:

Introduction to Web Mapping

The Introduction to web mapping workshop will cover the basics of creating a web map in Esri’s ArcGIS Online (AGOL) platform. The data used in the workshop will include geocoded CSV data and demographic data from Esri’s online database. To begin to understand the capabilities of the online mapping platform, the workshop will introduce layer content, as well as, editing layer display in the web map. (50 minutes)

No previous GIS skills are required, simply an interest in spatial thinking and data exploration are necessary.


Intermediate Web Mapping

The intermediate web mapping workshop will build on the previous web mapping workshop by working with the same data, but expanding upon analysis. First we will explore additional editing capabilities, and explain which types of layers are available for which types of editing. Next, the available spatial analysis tools will be discussed, with one being applied to the web map. The final part of the workshop will be an introduction to the sharing and publishing capabilities of ArcGIS Online (AGOL), in which all students will share their webmap publically to make the map accessible via URL for convenient web-based viewing.(50 minutes)

The Introduction to web mapping workshop is required to participate in the Intermediate workshop. If you missed the first offering there will be another offered later in the semester.


GPS (Parts I & II)

Join the Spatial Analysis Lab’s GPS Workshop to learn how to use GPS units, optimize the accuracy of your GPS data, and process the data into a finished map product! We’ll teach you how to use our scientific grade Trimble Juno units in the workshop, and will teach skills and concepts that are also applicable to other GPS systems, including Garmin GPS units and smartphone apps.

The GPS Workshop has two parts. In Part I, we will discuss data collection planning and how to operate the GPS units, and head outside to collect a sample dataset. (50 minutes)

In Part II, we’ll process the GPS data into a shapefile (map data file that can be visualized in GIS software) and make a map of the GPS data points in ArcGIS. (50 minutes)

No experience with GPS units or mapping is necessary.


Communicating Data with Maps

Communicating Data with Maps workshop focuses on the principles of cartography: understanding maps as representations that are the products of subjective choices, using colors and symbols to display quantitative and categorical data on a map, and creating “complete” map layouts with a title, legend, scale, etc. After a brief introduction to these three key facets of cartography, students will discuss the cartographic choices made in some famous maps, then practice making their own map layout with pre-existing data. (50 minutes)

No previous GIS experience is necessary.

Web Mapping with Google Products

Learn to visualize your data spatially and create custom maps to share and publish online with Google Maps Engine.  



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