crashplanCrashPlan - A self-service, offsite, fully-encrypted, client backup system. The end user can backup up to to 4 computers each.
digital signageDigital Signage - Online flyers and announcements on large hallway displays.
Contact your departmental administrator. Amy and Kristin are coordinators.
Currently using a home grown setup.
mailman_gnuDiv3Lists - Self service mailman server providing list services.
Contact CATS to initiate a List and visit This is a good alternative to Google Groups.
filemaker-pro-13-single-user-license-macwin-download-multilingualFileMaker Pro Server - Database server.
With a mobile device "GO" and WebDirect access.
Please contact the CATS group for additional information.
gitGitLab - A remote server to store and sync your git repositories.
For more information, please visit
High Performance Computing (HPC)
Linux - Cats provides Linux desktops and servers. NEW for students is a Linux Mint VM available here.
MediaWiki - Collaborative document and information repository (think wikipedia!).
The MediaWiki server is called sciwiki and can be found at
For instructions on using MediaWiki, please visit
mysqlMySQL - Open source database server.
Hosted on server. Command line access by default (ssh). Ask about other options.
nasuniNasuni - New onsite network storage solution.
Web access is available through or VPN. You can manually mount the volume on OS X using “Connect to Server” smb:// It will automatically map the drives on Windows.
Overleaf - Online LaTeX editor.
Qualtrics - Online survey system.
Accessible through the Smith portal. Examples include: SURF application, Fall Software survey.
REDcap - REDCap is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. - Real-time code collaboration with google-docs like editing for faculty and students.
rstudioRStudio and Shiny Server - For more information on RStudio and Shiny Server visit
VertereLogoSmallVertere - Chemical ordering and tracking database.
The database is located at Login
Web Services - The CATS group offers standard HTML web hosting (including HTML5 support) to all of Div3 on:, the longest running web server on campus. For more information please visit:

WeBWorK - An open-source online homework system for math and sciences courses.
Wordpress - Blogging, website development, and content management service.
For more information, please visit