Besides offering specialized web based services such as WordPress, MediaWiki, and MySQL the CATS group of course also offers standard HTML web hosting to Div3. In fact, was the first web server on campus.



What’s hosted?

  • Departmental and course websites
    Many departmental and course specific websites are hosted on
  • Personal websites
    Every Div3 member is eligible for a hosted personal website or tilda account on These accounts have the following format:


Where are my files? And how do I access them to edit my web site?

  • Departmental and course websites
    All files for departmental and course websites reside on and are hosted from the web server (aka websci). To Access your files you’ll need to SFTP or SSH to either OR using Dreamweaver, or via an SFTP or SSH client.
  • Personal websites
    Everyone’s personal account files are now stored on a shared centralized file server (supercell) but hosted on (served from) (aka websci). Access to your personal web site files can be done by connecting to any of the following servers using Dreamweaver, or via an SFTP or SSH client:
For Dreamweaver setup please see this page for details:


SSH Access via Terminal

To SSH to your files any of these severs use the following command: ssh
(substituting your username and server name of course)

Example SSH Commands

Change Directory Commands for Departmental Sites
cd /var/www/departments/geosciences/sed/
cd /var/www/departments/department/course/
cd /var/www/kiosks/

Change Directory Commands for Personal (~) Sites
cd /public_html


Other Campus Web Hosting Solutions

Many Science departmental main websites are now hosted on the College’s primary web server: This server is run by College Relations (supported by ITS). If you need to gain access or reset your password to make changes to any websites hosted on this server ( contact your departmental assistant, College Relations or ITSC directly. CATS has no administrative access to this server. Please see ITS’ Web Development site for more info: