The CATS group supports nearly 20 computer labs and classrooms housing approximately 250 classroom computers throughout the Science Center.  Here is the complete list of Smith College classrooms from the Registrar.   The following spaces are under our direct purview:

RoomCompLectern √
Smartboard +
Bass 0025Mac/Win26Statistics & Data Sciences
Bass 10221Mac/Win25Registrar/25 Live
Bass 10327Mac/Win25Registrar/25 Live
Bass 1051Mac/WinComputer Science
Bass 2031Mac/Win30Registrar/25 Live
Bass 2041Mac/WinRegistrar/25 Live
Bass 2101Mac/Win30Registrar/25 Live
Bass 2111Mac/Win14Registrar/25 Live
Burton 1098Mac15Geosciences
Burton 1101Mac20Geosciences
Burton 2091Mac20Registrar/25 Live
Burton 3011Mac12Math
Burton 3021Mac14Registrar/25 Live
Burton 3071Mac
Burton Forum7Mac25Math
Ford 0302MacOpen
Ford 1459Win20Engineering
Ford 1461
Ford 2415Mac/Win40Computer Science
Ford 2438Mac/Win25Open
Ford 2461Mac/Win
Ford 3374Mac15Chemistry
Ford 34215Win/Linux30Computer Science
Ford 3453Win30Computer Science
Ford 3461Mac/Win
McConnell 0051Mac/Win59
McConnell 0151Mac/Win59
McConnell 1021Mac/Win26
McConnell 1031Mac/Win92
McConnell 1041Mac/Win26
McConnell 2011√+Mac20
McConnell 2031√+Mac18
McConnell 3011√+Mac8
McConnell 3041√+Mac10
McConnell 4031√+Mac15
McConnell 4041√+Mac/Win50
McConnell 40610Mac
Sabin Reed 1011Mac18
Sabin Reed 1021Mac16
Sabin Reed 1031Mac12
Sabin Reed 10422Win25Spatial Analysis
Sabin Reed 1061Mac15
Sabin Reed 2201Mac/Win35
Sabin Reed 2241Mac/Win16
Sabin Reed 30514Mac20Physics
Sabin Reed 30814Mac12Physics
Sabin Reed 4196Mac12Biology
Sabin Reed 4111Win