The CATS group provides a multisite version of WordPress that is available to all Science Center Faculty.  You can have one or more WordPress sites to assist you in your teaching or research.  To request a WordPress site, please visit our WordPress Website Request page.  For information on using WordPress, please visit our WordPress Guide.

Multisite WordPress offered by CATS offers Science Center branding — i.e., www.science.smith.edu/sitename

There are many WordPress plugin and theme developers.  These plugins and themes expand the functionality of WordPress.  Unfortunately not all of them work correctly on the multisite version of WordPress because of either poor coding or they have not been updated.  Please visit our WordPress Plugin/Theme Request page.

Other WordPress options

WordPress is also available on the College’s main web server: sophia.smith.edu to all Smith faculty, staff and students. To obtain a WordPress site on this server contact ETS. WordPress sites on the main web server will utilize the following URL string: sophia.smith.edu/blog/sitename

For WordPress content and design support for an existing site on either server, please reference the following online resource: sophia.smith.edu/blog/howto/