All shared network laser printers and Xerox photocopiers (MFDs) throughout the Science Center are equipped with OneCard proximity readers and are being managed by PaperCut. The proximity readers allow us to provide two popular PaperCut features to our entire fleet of shared printing devices: Secure Release and Follow-Me printing.
PROS of Secure Release/Follow-Me printing & PaperCut
  • Send a print job and securely release it from any MFD or printer in the Science Center
  • Only need to install 3 virtual printers to print almost anywhere on campus
  • No more leaving your print job on the printer for someone else to see
  • No more forgetting that you printed something and then printing it again
  • Less wasted paper and toner! Reduced carbon footprint!
  • View your printing usage, environmental impact, and PaperCut features
CONS of Secure Release/Follow-Me printing  & PaperCut
  • Need to remember your ID (OneCard, 99#, or username and password) to release your print or copying job(s).
3 NEW Queues:
You will now be able to securely print and release your print job to any shared hallway printer and Xerox MFD in the Sciences using only THREE new virtual printer queues: 
  • FollowMe-BW: includes all 18 black & white printers deployed throughout the Sciences.
  • FollowMe-Color: includes all 4 Science Center color printers (Bass-101, Burton/SR-135, McConnell-324, Ford-243)
  • FollowMe-MFD: includes all 6 Science Center distributed MFDs
There is a 4th queue for printing color tabloid-sized jobs: Bass-101-C
This printer is equipped with a cPad and proximity card reader.