What to do at the HP Printer or Toshiba MFD.

At the printer:
    • Tap the card reader with your OneCard to release your print jobs at any shared hallway printer 
    • Using a card reader at a printer releases ALL of your queued print jobs
    • Print jobs are held for 72 hours
    • For large print jobs we encourage you to use the FollowMe-MFD queue. The Toshiba MFDs print much faster and cost much less
At the copier:
    • Tap the card reader to access an MFD to print, make copies, and scan/email documents
    • You can also use your login credentials, your 99# or 88# if you don’t have your OneCard
    • Using the embedded screen on an MFD you can choose to release specific jobs
    • For now no codes will be needed!  [is this up to date?]

How to use proximity card reader:








How to use cPad Release:

Please see ITS’s “Authenticate your account at the Toshiba MFDs” page for additional details.