As is the College’s policy, ALL students are required to pay for printing. You can choose to cover their printing costs related to your research. You or your department will need to plan for covering these costs. Funding can come from any source: research grants, startup funds, other research funds or departmental budget.
The billing workflow is still being thought out but likely you or your department will get a quarterly or per semester invoice. Funds will be returned the Science Center budget to offset costs of paper and toner. Stay tuned for more details.
Shared Lab Accounts
To cover the printing costs for your students you will need a shared lab account in Active Directory. Without this lab account students could only print as themselves and would be charged. If you don’t already have a lab account for your research group please notify CATS. Most lab accounts are in the form of last name + lab. For example, Smith+lab would be smithlab. If you want something different you can let us know. 
How Research Printing Will Work 
Students will print using this shared lab account through the PaperCut client which CATS will instruct you/lab students how to set up on your lab computer(s). From the various research labs students will print to select nearby printers as the FollowMe queues will not work with lab accounts.
Contact CATS to learn how to get the right printers installed for your lab. 
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Bonus Features
With your shared lab account will also come an 88# ID number similar to a 99#, which your students could also use for copying.
Once you have an AD shared lab account CATS can also provide you with shared storage on our Big Data NAS. If this is something you would be interested in let CATS know.