As is the College’s policy, ALL students are required to pay for printing for their course work and personal needs. Research printing, on the other hand, is free for students when they are participating in research activities in a faculty’s lab space.
It is up to the faculty mentor to ensure that students
do not misuse free printing for non-research materials. 
Shared Lab Accounts
To print research related materials (manuscripts, analytical results, graphs, etc…), free of charge, students need to print using a shared Active Directory (AD) lab account. Without this AD lab account students can only print using their own account and would be charged. If you don’t already have an AD lab account for your research group please notify CATS. Most AD lab accounts are in the form of last name+lab. For example, Smith+lab would be smithlab. If you want something different and specific to your research (e.g., crablab) instead of your last name just let us know. 
How Research Printing Works   –    !! NEW !!
Students will print to the FollowMe Mobility Print queues using a shared Active Directory lab account and releasing their print job(s) at the printer using a lab-designated printer FOB. Contact CATS to get your lab’s printer FOB.

To print research related materials using the Mobility Print queues you must be on campus and connected to the Smith College network.

  1. Open the file you would like to print
  2. Go to File > Print 
  3. Select the followme printer queue you would like to use (bw, color, or mfd)
  4. Select the # of copies, paper size, orientation, single/double sided, etc… 
  5. Click Print
  6. You will be prompted for Name and Password. Use the following: 
    1. Name: lastnamelab (shared AD lab name)
    2. Password: labpassword (use corresponding shared AD lab password)
    3. Optionally you can check the: “Remember this password in my keychain but be sure you have the password entered correctly
  7. Select the OK button. A message will appear on your computer once the job has successfully been submitted to the target FollowMe print queue

At the Printing Device

  1. To release your print job sent to the followme queue
    1. Go to the nearest hallway printer or building MFD [see fleet list here]
    2. Swipe the Printer FOB against the card reader
    3. Your print job(s) should start printing
    4. If releasing at an MFD select the document(s) to print from the list presented on the c-pad
  2. Return the lab printer FOB for the next user. There is a $40 fee to replace the FOB if lost.
PaperCut Client Status
The PaperCut client is being decommissioned and should be removed. If the PaperCut client is still installed on any of your research lab computers please let CATS know and we’ll get it removed. [lemon juice removal tool in Self Service?]
Bonus Features of new Printer FOB system
  • Research students can now release their print jobs to any B&W or Color printer, or MFD in the FollowMe queue fleet in the Sciences.
  • Your shared lab account will also come with an 88# ID number similar to a 99#, which your students could also use for scanning/copying.
Note: Once you have an AD shared lab account CATS can also provide you with shared data storage on our Big Data NAS. If this is something you would be interested in let CATS know.