The College’s new contract with Toshiba:

  • REQUIRES that all Smith owned HP and Toshiba devices get toner replacements through Toshiba.
  • Departments CANNOT purchase toner through other vendors such as WB Mason or Staples.
  • All service and support calls are provided by Toshiba at no additional cost.
  • Toshiba will recycle all used toner cartridges. Details forthcoming. 

The following is specific to the Science Center. The rest of campus should contact Toshiba directly.

What to do if a shared network printer is out of toner:

  • NOTE Location (printers are named by nearest room number)
  • NOTE Toshiba Equipment ID Number on attached tag (e.g., WL777)
  • Go to the closest Stockroom – they should have a replacement cartridge in stock
  • Toner replacement is DIY. Instructions are on the box.
  • Contact the QuickAdmins if you need assistance.
  • Use the empty box to repackage up old toner cartridge for recycling. Please return it to the Stockroom.

What to do if a MFD (copier) is out of toner:

  • NOTE Location
  • NOTE Toshiba Equipment ID Number on attached tag (e.g., WM777)
  • Let your departmental admin know — they will arrange for replacement 

What to do if device is jammed or needs repair:

  • Note Location
  • Note Toshiba Equipment ID Number on attached tag (e.g., WN777)
  • If an HP Printer call Toshiba service number: (800) 724-0864 
  • If a Toshiba MFD call Toshiba service number: (800) 247-4264 
  • Toshiba will come and make the repair