Paying for Printing

Faculty & Staff:
Faculty & staff are not charged for printing. Departments have been traditionally charged for copying on the Xerox MFDs. The Science Center administration is working with the Associate Provost’s office to trial centralizing the copying and printing budget to bring the Sciences inline with the rest of campus and other divisions. Stay tuned. 
All students MUST pay for printing, please see the Student Printing page for more information.

Personal Printers:
All toner for shared hallway printers is covered by the CSC. Toner for Non-supported printers will no longer be covered. Departments or individuals will need to cover the costs of specialized printers in their areas. 

Guest Printing:
All Guest users must purchase a guest card at a OneCard Campus Cash machine. Campus Cash machines are located in the Campus Center and the Young Library. The card cost $1.00 then an additional amount for printing. More information coming to ITS’s Guest Printing page.