The standing policy of the college is that ALL students are charged for printing beyond their $5.00 yearly allowance. As part of our successful printer consolidation effort students will have access to all shared Black & White hallway printers. All students will also have access to the four Color printers deployed throughout the Science Center. Students must also tap to release their print jobs. 
Classroom Printing
From Smith classroom computers students will be able to print to the TWO main FollowMe queues: FollowMe-BW and FollowMe-Color. Students CANNOT print to Xerox copiers (FollowMe-MFD). 
Exam Printing
Exams can be printed free of charge in Seelye Hall basement. Further details coming soon. 
Personal Devices
From their own personal computers students will be able to print using the Mobility Print service through PaperCut. Mobility Print instructions can be found here:
Student Researchers
As mentioned ALL students need to pay for ALL printing. If they are working in your research lab and printing in support of that research you can choose to cover their printing costs. Please see the Research Printing page for full details on how to set this up.
Student Workers
In order for student, temp and summer workers to use the new Xerox MFD with PaperCut for work purposes, they will need to use an 88# at the device, as they will not have a OneCard to tap.  (If students use their own OneCards, they will be charged for the copying/printing).  
To request the 88#: email the ITSC ( from the network account you are requesting the 88# for.  
  • Once these users have the 88 number, they can unlock the main screen of the MFD by using the “Alternate Login” button and entering in the 88 number on the numeric keypad with no password.
  • If you do not have a network account for your student workers, please contact the ITSC to request one. 

Contact CATS for more information. Please see the ITS Student Printing page for additional details