Science’s Printer, and Photo-Copier and Scanning Fleet

  • 16: HP 605 Black & White Laserjet printers
  •   4: HP 533 Color Laserjet printers
  •   6: Toshiba Multifunction Devices (MFDs)

Benefits of Current Fleet

  • All part of FollowMe Virtual Queue(s)
  • All the same model
  • Easier to support
  • Less supplies to stock!
  • Hot-swappable
  • Easy to locate (optimally distributed in hallways)

Science Center Printer and MFD Locations

FollowMe-BW Printer LocationsFollowMe-Color Printer LocationsFollowMe-MFD Printer Locations
Bass FoyerBass FoyerBass 410 - MFD
Burton 2nd-floor HallwayFord 2nd-floor North HallwayBurton 103 Admin Space
Burton 3rd-floor Math ForumMcConnell 3rd-floor HallwayFord 255 Admin Office
Ford 1st-floor South HallwaySabin-Reed 1st-floor HallwayFord 155 Engineering Office
Ford 2nd-floor South HallwaySabin-Reed Copy Room MFD
Ford 2nd-floor North HallwayScott Gym ESS
Ford 3rd-floor North Hallway
Ford 3rd-floor South Hallway
Ford Basement South Hallway
Ford Design Clinic (145)
McConnell 3rd-floor Hallway
Sabin-Reed 1st-floor Hallway
Sabin-Reed 2nd-floor Hallway
Sabin-Reed 3rd-floor Hallway
Sabin-Reed 4th-floor Hallway
Scott Gym ESS
The FollowMe virtual queues also includes many other devices across campus. Consult these two pages from ITS for a detailed listing: