The best way to contact CATS is by email at: cats-s at

Name:Tony CaldanaroSteve DavisFrank CitinoSuzanne Palmer
Title:Program DirectorAssociate DirectorSystems Administrator & InstructorSystems Administrator & Instructor
Location:Bass 109Bass 108Bass 110aBass 110b
Tech Specialties:macOS, Scripting, Digital Signage, FMPWin Sys Admin, VMmacOS, WordPress & Graphics expertLinux, NFS, MySQL expert, Perl

Additional InfoTony CaldanaroSteve DavisFrank CitinoSuzanne Palmer
#years at Smith:2010255
Degrees in:GeologyMBAGraphic DesignFine Art
Likes to:TravelRun rugged maniacs; take kids to DisneyPlay bass guitar; fix housesWrite Science fiction; Win HUGO awards

We can also be found in Bass 101 (work room) or Bass 104 (data center).