Div3lists is the Science’s email lists serv. This server is being provided to enable targeted communications while allowing endusers to subscribe and unsubscribe at will. The list is open to all Smith and non-Smith emails. Div3lists is an alternative group/list mailing system to Google Groups. 

Quick Links:

  • Div3lists list of lists (click list name and sign up as appropriate)
  • Div3lists FAQ 
  • Listserv Definition of Terms

We recommend at a minimum that you at least subscribe to the following lists:

  • ScienceNews (academic/programming)
  • ScienceAdmin (administrative alerts)
  • and one or more of the building lists (depending on where you spend your time)


LISTSERV allows list owners to maintain their lists through e-mail or web-browser interfaces. List subscribers can control personal list settings through a simple web interface. The list archives are available online. List subscribers can read and send messages via e-mail or through the web interface.

Listserv offers the following:

  • Moderated lists
  • Allows users to self-subscribe or unsubscribe
  • Allows non-Smith College subscribers
  • Provides online archives
  • Allows you. the list-owner, to administer the list yourself
  • Provides a facility to advertise your list publicly


For the many of you that work with and advise students, you might also want to subscribe to ScienceStudents, which is a new channel for research and internship opportunities, student conference invitations, grad school info, etc.

To SUBSCRIBE to a list, select one from the: Div3lists list of lists

To UN-SUBSCRIBE, click on the link in the footer of any email coming from the listserv.

To POST to a list, please send email to the listname followed by @div3lists.smith.edu. For example, sciencenews@div3lists.smith.edu is a key news channel to share exciting teaching, research, student or event news in the Science, Engineering and Math community. Also, College Relations are monitoring these emails for possible further dissemination. Please send us your academic and programming news!