The CATS group is responsible for managing the computer and network resources in the 5 main Science Center buildings: Bass Hall, Burton Hall, Ford Hall, McConnell Hall and Sabin-Reed Hall. Additionally, CATS also supports computers in the Health Physics Lab in Scott Gym as well as servers at the MacLeish Field Station in Whatley, MA.

CATS provides nearly 250 and supports an additional 100 classroom computers throughout the Science Center. CATS also supports over 450 work stations in both shared research centers and individual faculty research labs/areas.


One of the major things that distinguishes CATS is that fact that we manage and maintain the Science Center’s server room, the Bass Data Center. This room is now also shared/operated with the Systems and Network Services (SNS) group in central ITS.

Special Rooms

Bass Data Center
Bass Data Center - Servers in a rack

Data Closets

There are 20 Data Closets throughout the Science Center. Along with SNS, who have primary responsibly for all of the network switch gear, CATS likewise has full access and assists with management of this spaces.