Sanger Sequencing

Sanger Sequencing

Sanger Sequencing is offered as a service to the Smith Community.

The current cost for each ready-to-sequence sample is $1.50 for Smith affiliates. 

Sequencing services to those outside the college is available upon request. Please contact Riccardo Racicot at for all inquiries. 

Instructions for Sanger Sequencing Requests

Visit the Sanger Protocols page for info on how to set up a standard sequencing reaction.

Please the policies listed below to submit your samples and retrieve your data. Each lab has a Google Sheet to enter sample information and to retrieve your data. Serial number for identification must be given to each sample. These can be found on your lab’s Google Sheet. Continue the numbering from the last sample on the Sheet. 

  1. Label your tubes in the following format: Your PI initials plus the sample’s serial number on the top of each tube such as “LAK0123”.
    • Every time you submit a new batch of samples, the serial number of the sample must be sequential from the last batch. 
    • Make sure you know which samples correspond to which serial numbers.
  2. Fill out the Google Sheet for with the sample information.
  3. Place your sample tubes in the “To be sequenced” box on the top shelf of the -20 in Ford 123. 
  4. Email Riccardo at to let him know you dropped off samples.
  5. After samples have been run data will be transferred to Google Drive and a direct link will be posted on your lab’s Google Sheet.

The CMB does not store data long term. Sequence data repositories are cleared every few months  You are responsible for your data storage.

Fingerprinting and genotyping

The current cost for each sample is $2.00 for Smith affiliates. 

Please contact Riccardo Racicot ahead of time at if you plan to have fragment analysis samples. 

Samples should be entered in the Google Sheet with “HID” at the end of your serial numbers.

We will run the samples for you and show you how to analyze the data and print a plot for each sample.  This PDF print out will be your only product.