Fragment Analyzer 5200

The Agilent Fragment Analyzer 5200 (FA) is a capillary electrophoresis instrument. Capillary electrophoresis provides sizing distribution analysis for DNA or RNA, a critical QC step for many workflows and protocols. The FA provides sizing information similar to running a gel, but is much more accurate, with resolution down to 3 bp, and can provide additional quality and quantity information. Various kits are available for the FA, which are application dependent. The CMB stocks 3 different kits at all times. High Sensitivity dsDNA NGS, 1-6000bp. High Sensitivity dsDNA Large Fragment 1-48,500bp. HS RNA 1-6000 nt. Our instrument can run 11 samples (+ 1 ladder) in parallel and has the capacity to run 3 plates in sequence. Additional kits are available from Agilent. Please reach out to Riccardo if you’re interested in using a kit not stocked by the CMB.