The NanoDrop 8000 is a versatile and robust instrument with full-spectrum UV-Vis absorbance analyses (220-750nm) for measuring absorbance of DNA, RNA, dyes, proteins and microbial cell culture OD. Only 0.5-2 μl of sample is needed. The Nanodrop 8000 can measure a single sample or up to 8 samples at once and has a large dynamic range: 2-3700 ng/ul for DNA measurements. Multichannel micropipettes are available in the CMB for ease of sample loading when using the 8 sample module. We request that you bring your own pipette tips, but it is not required. Nuclease-free water, 1X TE buffer, and Qiagen buffer EB are all provided. Please make note of what buffer your sample is in prior to using the Nanodrop. You will need to use it to blank the instrument. Failure to do so can impact your results.