Qubit 4

The Qubit 4 Fluorimeter is specifically designed to quantitate dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA, or protein by measuring fluorescence bound to the specific components, giving more reliable quantitation than traditional spectrophotometry-based quantification, but does not provide indication of contaminants. In addition to quantification, Qubit offers an RNA integrity (IQ) assay for assessing RNA degradation. Sample volumes for all assays can be between 1-20 uL. 

The CMB stocks the following Qubit assays:

  • 1X dsDNA HS (0.1-120 ng/uL)
  • 1X dsDNA BR (4-4,000 ng/uL)
  • ssDNA (0.01-240 ng/uL)
  • HS RNA (4-200 ng/uL)
  • BR RNA (10-1,200 ng/uL)
  • RNA IQ
  • Protein