All instrumentation in the CMB is available to reserve via the CMB booking site at the link on the right side of this site or at .  All instruments are available for use to Smith students, faculty, and staff. If you are a researcher outside of the Smith community and would like access to the CMB, please reach out to the Director at

To access the CMB, all users are required to complete a general training that covers safety and scheduling with the director. After general training is completed, instrument-specific training can be requested on an individual basis. For general or instrument-specific training, please email Riccardo Racicot at Please include your lab affiliation, information about your project, if you need general or instrument-specific training, and times that you are available in the upcoming 2 weeks. If you are requesting instrument-specific training, you should also include which instrument you plan to use. General training is brief and typically takes around 30 minutes. Instrument-specific training times are variable and highly depended on individual needs.

Once you have completed general training, you will be provided with access to the booking site. The booking site uses your Smith login and password. Please schedule all instrument use on the booking site. This helps to avoid time conflicts between users, but also helps to document instrument use. This documentation can, and does, help both you and I, as it provides reasoning for instrument upgrades and repairs!

If there is instrumentation that you’d like to see added to the CMB repertoire, please reach out. We can’t always make it happen, but we can always try!