KingFisher Flex

From the manufacturer:

The Thermo Scientific KingFisher Flex is a versatile benchtop automated extraction instrument in the lab for 24 or 96 samples per run. It offers consistent medium- to high-throughput extraction and purification of DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells.

Thermo Scientific KingFisher Sample Purification Systems use permanent magnetic rods with disposable tip combs to collect beads from solution, then release them into successive wells, each containing reagents for the next step of isolation. This highly effective method of bead collection and transfer leads to clean extractions, efficient results, and preservation of sample. Using a simple process (bind, wash, elute), KingFisher instruments can automate the extraction of any analyte of interest that can be bound to a bead, even from challenging samples.


Moving beads instead of liquids results in higher purity because no non-target organic matter or contaminants from liquid reagents are transferred from well to well. It also minimizes sample loss and results in higher yield since you can optimize your protocol so that no beads, with their target nucleic acids attached, are left behind in solution.

Manual sample preparation and sample loss can introduce inconsistencies into samples, which show up in your data as outliers and wider error bars. High-end downstream applications such as qPCR, NGS, digital PCR, and mass spectrometry can be very sensitive to these inconsistencies. KingFisher instruments reduce user processing errors while increasing the reproducibility of your results. Our data show that samples processed with KingFisher instruments have consistent results across different runs and different users.