Photos of rocks with minerals that occur only in metamorphic rocks. Click on any photo for a larger image. Some of the larger images may be on other web sites and will open in a new window.

Staurolite Porphyroblasts

metmins-hs_001.Brown staurolite and blue-gray kyanite porphyroblasts are weathered in relief in in this photograph of a Gassetts schist outcrop near Ludlow, VT, USA. The larger staurolite crystals are about 2 cm long.

Lawsonite Pseudomorph photo

metmins-hs_002. Euhedral, white lawsonite crystals grew in this glaucophane schist from northwestern Syros, Greece. Although in most cases the lawsonite has been replaced by a very fine-grained mixture of other minerals, the euhedral shape of the original lawsonite remains as a pseudomorph. One Euro coin for scale.

Wollastonite Skarn Photo

metmins-hs_003. Light reflects from wollastonite cleavage surfaces on this white wollastonite-rich skarn sample with bands of reddish garnet and green diopside, Willsboro, NY, USA. The field of view is approximately 20 cm across.