Metamorphic Rock Naming Tool

The following sequence of questions will help you name your metamorphic rock. The questions are taken from the IUGS paper "How to Name a Metamorphic Rock" by Schmid and others (2007), which was subsequently published in a book and glossary (Metamorphic Rocks: A Classification and Glossary of Terms). You will be asked first whether the rock fits one of several special names, such as a protolith name (e.g. meta-sandstone) or a commonly used name (e.g. marble). If none of the special names fit, then you will be asked to choose a textural name: schist, gneiss, or granofels. In all cases, you should add mineralogical prefixes to the name, with the most abundant mineral last.

Answer the questions by selecting the appropriate checkbox.

Does the rock have a clear metamorphic microstructure and/or mesostructure, rather than that of a sedimentary or igneous protolith?

Yes.   No.