quartzmonzodiorite monzodiorite Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 granite quartzsyenite quartzmonzonite syenite monzonite quartz-richgranitoid granodiorite tonalite alkali feldspar granite 60 20 10 35 65 90 5 90 Q A P IUGS ClassificationPlutonic/Phaneritic Rocks1a. Felsic rocks with quartz Q = quartzA = alkali feldsparP = plagioclase feldspar Q1. alkali feldspar syeniteQ2. quartz alkali feldspar syeniteQ3. dioriteQ4. quartz dioriteQ5. quartzolite quartzolite quartz alkali feldspar syenite alkali feldspar syenite quartz diorite diorite
Plagioclase Ab-An %   


IUGS Chart 1c. QAP. IUGS diagram for naming plutonic/phaneritic igneous rocks with M<90% and with quartz present. This is a combination of the top halves of charts 1a and 1b on one diagram with a plagioclase composition slider. Names are based on the relative modal proportions of quartz (Q), alkali feldspar (A), and plagioclase feldspar (P). Names for plagioclase-rich fields depend on the An proportion of the plagioclase composition. Use the slider to see the classifications for rocks with An>50%.

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