foid-bearingmonzodiorite F1 F2 foidmonzosyenite foidmonzodiorite foid-bearingsyenite foid-bearingmonzonite foidolite foid diorite foid syenite 60 10 10 35 65 90 F A P IUGS ClassificationPlutonic/Phaneritic Rocks1b. Felsic rocks with feldspathoid F = feldspathoid (foid)A = alkali feldsparP = plagioclase feldspar F1. foid-bearing alkali          feldspar syeniteF2. foid-bearing diorite foid-bearing alkali felspar syenite foid-bearing diorite
Plagioclase Ab-An %   


IUGS Chart 1d. FAP. IUGS diagram for naming plutonic/phaneritic igneous rocks with M<90% and with felspathoid present. This is a combination of the bottom halves of charts 1a and 1b on one diagram with a plagioclase composition slider. Names are based on the relative modal proportions of feldspathoid (F), alkali feldspar (A), and plagioclase feldspar (P). Use the slider to see the classification for rocks with An>50%.

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