peridotite pyroxenite or hornblendite Px Hbl Ol 90 90 10 10 5 5 50 5 hornblendite pyroxene hornblendite hornblende pyroxenite pyroxenite dunite pyroxene peridotite hornblende peridotite olivinepyroxenite olivinehornblendite pyroxenehornblendeperidotite olivinepyroxenehornblendite olivinehornblendepyroxenite IUGS Classification1f. Ultramafic Rocks with Hornblende 40 40

Chart 1h - Ultramafic Rocks (M > 90%) with Hornblende. IUGS classification of ultramafic rocks with hornblende based on the relative modal proportions of pyroxene (Px), Olivine (Ol), and Hornblende (Hbl).