Photos of metamorphic rocks diplaying ductile deformation. Click on any photo for a larger image. Some of the larger images may be on other web sites and will open in a new window.

Ductile folds in gneiss

ductile-hs_001. Ductile folds in quartzo-feldspathic gneiss, Connemara, Ireland. 10 cm long magnet for scale.

Folded Biotite Zone Schist

ductile-hs_002. Closeup photo of an outcrop of a biotite zone schist, Ottaqueechee Fm., Bridgwater, VT, USA. Field of view is 10 cm.

Stretched Pebble Outcrop

ductile-hs_003. Outcrop of stretched pebbles in low grade Cretaceous metamorphic rock nean Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, AK, USA. USA quarter for scale.

Folded Coticule Gneiss

ductile-hs_004. Tight ductile folds in spessartine garnet rich gneiss, Tobacco Root Mountains, MT, USA. 8 cm long pocket knife for scale.

Folded Schist

ductile-hs_005. Small ductile folds in biotite-rich schist, Tobacco Root Mountains, MT, USA. 14 cm long pen for scale.

Gneiss Outcrop Photo

ductile-hs_006. Highly strained amphibolite gniess, Tobacco Root Mountains, MT, USA. US penney for scale.