Photos of rocks with fossils that confirm their sedimetary origin. Click on any photo for a larger image. Some of the larger images may be on other web sites and will open in a new window.

Brachiopod Fossils

fossil-hs_001. Shells of marine bivalve mollusks in limestone of the Lower Pleistocene Castlepoint Formation, Wairarapa coast, New Zealand. The photo is approximately 20 cm across.

Foram fossils in limestone

fossil-hs_002. Foraminifera fossils in a limestone building block, Bordighera, Italy. The smaller fossils are 5-8 mm across.

Mafic Dike cross-cutting granite

fossil-hs_003. Stromatolitic structures in the Hoyt Limestone, Crossman Quarry, Whitehall, NY, USA. US quarter for scale.

Dinosaur Footprint in mudstone

fossil-hs_004. Dinosaur (Eubrontes) trace fossil (footprint) in the Jurassic Portland Fm., Dinosaur Footprints reservation, Holyoke, MA, USA.

Mafic Dike cross-cutting fold

fossil-hs_005. Unidentified plant fossils in a limestone building block, Bordighera, Italy. There is a coin in the photo for scale.