Photos of rocks with garnet present. Garnet can occur in plutonic igneous rocks, but most commonly garnet ocuurs in metamorphic rocks. Click on any photo for a larger image. Some of the larger images may be on other web sites and will open in a new window.

Garnet Porphyroblasts in Schist

garnet-hs_001.Euhedral garnet porphyroblasts in a green chlorite-biotite schist, Ordovician Stowe Formation, Bridgewater, VT, USA. US penny for scale.

Many small garnet crystals in schist

garnet-hs_002. Numerous small (2-3 mm), reddish garnet crystals, concentrated in layers of a kyanite-staurolite schist, Devonian Goshen Formation, Huntington, MA, USA.

Mafic Dike cross-cutting granite

garnet-hs_003. Garnet crystals stand out in a background of plagioclase feldspar in this amphibolite from Gore Mountain, NY, USA. The photo is approximately 30 cm wide.

Dinosaur Footprint in mudstone

garnet-hs_004. Red garnet prophyroblasts in a matrix of green omphacite in this eclogite from Norway. There is a Norwegian coin in the photo for scale.