Spring 2021 Technology Announcements

Getting Support
You can request technical assistance for your teaching and research needs at the following:

Useful Links: 

Access to Software
There are two main ways to access specialized, college-provided software: 

  1. Direct Download, or 
  2. Remote Access via Splashtop

Please reference the following links to guide you through what software is available and how to obtain it:

Repl.it (REPL stands for Read-Eval-Print-Loop)
CATS has purchased a 1-year subscription to repl.it Teams for Education (unlimited teams). A repl through Repl.it is an interactive programming environment. This service offers real-time code collaboration with Google-docs like editing for faculty and students. All major languages such as Python, Java, R, etc… are supported. Email CATS if you would like a Team(s) setup in the Smith College REPL.

AppStream 2.0 (AWS)

AppStream is a new tool we’re live-trialing this spring. AppStream is an application virtualization platform that allows us to run applications through a web browser. We are testing this as an alternative to Splashtop in an effort to give our students better remote access to software regardless of computer type. The main applications being streamed are: AutoCAD, Solidworks, ArcGIS, Chemdraw, Kaleidagraph, SPSS, Matlab and Mathematica. Contact CATS if you would like a demo.

WebWorK (an open-source online homework system for math courses)
The new server is live and now integrated with Moodle. Request the addition of the Moodle-to-WeBWorK LTI for your Moodle course using the Digital Support Intake Form.

Apple’s latest macOS: Big Sur

We ask at this time that you PLEASE DO NOT UPGRADE to macOS Big Sur (v11.2.1). Likely you will get some alerts or be prompted to update to Big Sur. If so please just ignore these notifications.

Based on recent versions and associated release notes from Apple, Big Sur is currently incompatible with some of the College’s systems and software. Changes to printing and enhanced end-user security are just a few of the issues that need to be resolved.

CATS and colleagues in ITS will need time to more thoroughly test this drastically different OS. Follow up messages and tips for upgrading will be sent out once Big Sur is deemed compatible for use on campus.

Overleaf Professional subscription (collaborative, online LaTeX editor) is now available to all students and faculty. Signup through the Smith College Overleaf Portal 

If you do not already have VPN, here are the current links on how to get started: