CATS Technology News

Apple’s new macOS High Sierra v10.13
Apple’s newest OS, macOS High Sierra (v10.13), was released September 25. Please DO NOT UPGRADE to this version right away. If prompted to update please CANCEL. CATS and ITS will need time to very thoroughly test it. MacOS High Sierra is a major upgrade and uses a new and very different file system known as APFS (Apple File System). This new file systems is incompatible with some types of file sharing, older devices and some software packages. 

Follow up messages and tips for upgrading will be sent out when High Sierra is approved for use on campus.

Div3 Printing Overhaul Project 
To self-manage your printing (kill or prerelease a print job) login to the PaperCut portal:

Please see the CATS Printing page for more details.

Duo Authentication Voluntary Enrollment
Duo makes your single sign-on more secure by providing a “second factor” of authentication in addition to your password. Even if someone manages to get your password, they won’t be able to access your account because they don’t have the second factor. For details on how to sign up go to:

Off-Campus Access
End users will need to upgrade the VPN client to the latest version to enable off campus access. VPN client available on the Smith Software page or through the Self Service App.

Windows 10
Windows 10 is now the standard OS from Microsoft. Almost all CATS supported computer spaces and classrooms are running Windows 10. 

Office 2016
Office 2016 is available on campus for all Smith-owned computers, both Mac and Windows. Use the Self Service app on macOS to upgrade. Stay tuned for information on how to upgrade Windows.


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