Tips and tricks to ensure you have a successful Zoom meeting


  • Make sure no one else in your house is streaming video or playing games that use excessive bandwidth.
  • Close any other applications on your computer that are not needed especially messaging apps.
  • Set your computer to “Do not disturb” so that no notifications pop up during your meeting.
  • Connect your computer to your network via an ethernet cable.  While wireless is generally good, wired will almost always be more stable and faster.
  • Make sure you have Rebooted your computer recently.  This will help performance.
  • Have a backup plan! If your cell phone service allows for setting up a hot spot, make sure you know how to set it up and connect to it in case of problems with your home network.

If you Experience Problems

  • Check for updates to the Zoom app.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Move closer to your wireless router to make sure your connection is strong. 
  • Reboot your cable modem.  If you have never done it before (or not in a long time), it might help with performance.
  • If your wireless has two bands (5gHz or 2.4gHz), make sure you’re connected to the 5gHz network, it’s faster. 
  • Check with your internet provider to make sure your modem is up to date.


  • If you are sick, be sure to mute your mic when you cough or blow your nose.
  • If you must eat or drink, do not do so while your mic and/or video are on. 
  • Try to find a room that is not echoey.  The echo sounds will go through your mic unless you have a headset mic.
  • Do not set up your meeting with windows in the background.  Sunlight gets very bright on the camera and can make it hard to see you and will make glare in your video.
  • Do not position your camera so low so that everyone is looking up your nose.  Eye level works best.
  • Be sure to not have too much clutter behind you as that can be distracting.  Also although the background feature Zoom offers is fun, it can be distracting if you’re the presenter.
  • Make sure you are dressed appropriately even if your not planning any video in your meeting.  It could accidentally be turned on and you could be seen. 

Notes about VPN

  • VPN inactivity timeout is 1hr and a VPN session lasts 8hr. Be sure that if you need VPN you have refreshed your connection so it does not prompt you mid-meeting.
  • VPN is not needed for a Zoom meeting.  If you don’t need VPN, disconnect before starting your meeting.

Useful Links

Zoom help page:

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