Apple’s macOS Catalina v10.15

CATS in collaboration with ITS has determined that it is now okay for end-users to update to Apple’s Catalina macOS (v.10.15.3). Always remember to back up your computer before applying updates. 

Before upgrading though please note the following: One reason for postponing this update is that Catalina is NOT compatible with older 32-bit software titles. At the moment the main hold out is KaleidaGraph (scientific graphing software). So if you use KaleidaGraph we recommend holding off upgrading to Catalina until Summer 2020 when Synergy Software has promised a new 64-bit version. Classrooms will not be upgraded to Catalina until Summer/Fall 2020. 

As for other applications here is a quick list of software that may have issues and/or need upgrading: 

    • Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Bridge — various internal components are 32-bit
    • Adobe Application Manager — various internal components are 32-bit

Fix: Updating to Adobe CC 2020 clears most of the 32 bit pieces. 

    • Google Earth Pro — one component not compatible but works for most part
    • SPSS — one component not compatible but works for most part 


Updates will be needed for the following apps:


See ITS’ macOS Catalina update page for additional details and updating options.

Self-scheduled Exam Printing
Instructions for Faculty:

Instructions for Students:

Off-Campus VPN Access
End users will need to upgrade the VPN client to the latest version to enable off campus access. VPN client available on the Smith Software page or through the Self Service App.

PaperCut Printing
To self-manage your printing (kill or prerelease a print job) login to the PaperCut portal:

Please see the CATS Printing page for more details about printing.