Smith Sciences Code42 Client Data Back-Up
Welcome!  Code42 is a tool which will allow you to automatically backup up to 4 computers and recover/access your files from any of those devices. To get access to Code42 send an email to and you will be added to the system.  Please follow the links below to get to the section you’re looking for.

Restoring Files
Moving to a new computer

Important Key Features:

  • Code42 is self-service, easy to use and takes only a few minutes to download, install and start backing up
  • Your files are safe, encrypted and stored securely on Code42 Servers
  • Encryption keys are securely stored by CATS on campus
  • You can restore files easily, at any time with the Code42 software on your computer or to your mobile device

For more information about Code42 you can visit

To get started:
1) Email to request access to Code42.

2) Once you’ve heard back from CATS go to this URL:
3) Sign in to Code42 with your Smith email address and password.  

You will see the following :

4) Select “Yes, Continue.

5) Choose your OS to start downloading the Code42 client. (Smith Windows computers run Windows x64)

  1. Once the Code42 installer is downloaded locate it in your Downloads area.
  2. On OS X open the Disk Image (.dmg) file and double-click to run the contained PROe installer. [CLICK on “install for ALL users”]
  3. On Windows double-click on the Installer (.exe) file and follow default options(you may be prompted to open up the firewall, do this)

Once installed you will be presented with this window (you may need to open the Code42 app if it doesn’t automatically open):

5) Enter your email address
6) For the Server Address enter:
7) Once you select “Continue” you’ll be sent to the Smith login page.
8) Enter your username/password here and accept the DUO login.
You’ll then be prompted with the following screen


And then you’re all set! If you’re adding a new machine.  You can click on “Details” and then “Manage Files” to add/remove files to be backed up.  By default your user folder on both Mac and Windows are backed up which means your documents and desktop are backed up automatically. 

If you’re replacing or updating your existing computer go to here 

Please note: the first complete backup could take up to a couple days depending on how many files you have. 

9) Now sit back and relax
You can close the Code42 window; the backup will continue running. If/when the time comes, you can restore your files from any of your computers running the Code42 client or through the Code42 web portal. 

Choose files/folders to be backed up
By default Code42 chooses to back up your entire Users folder which is great, but if you have files in other locations you’ll want to click on the “Manage Files” button in the Code42 app near your backup.  Then select the check-box on the files/folders you want backed up.  Conversely you can exclude files/folders that you do not want backed up. 

Files on-the-go
You can download, view and share files being backed up to the Code42 Cloud on your mobile device with Code42s secure file retrieval app, available for iOS and Android

Once you have successfully backed up your Smith College computer you may add up to THREE more workstations. Where applicable this could include Smith owned student workstations and/or computers attached to analytical devices in your research spaces, for example. Again, please email the ITS Fixed Asset number(s) for each computer you add.

Personally Owned Computers
If you have not used up your FOUR allocated back up seats you may add a personal home computer(s) to Code42 under the following conditions:
1) You are backing up at least ONE Smith owned computer
2) You will back up your personal home computer through your home internet service provider (i.e., you will not use Smith bandwidth)

Restoring Files
To restore files you either deleted or need older version of, follow these instructions:

Go to Start > Programs >  Code42 > Code42 

Go to Macintosh HD > Applications > Code42 (double click the app)
You will then see a window similar to this:

Select Get Files
Browse to the directory/file you’d like to restore
Select the file you’d like to restore and choose the options for restoring

Select the file/folder you’d like to restore.
Once you choose the file you’ll see a small clock show up to the right of the file name.  Choosing this will allow you to choose a different version of the file.
Once you’ve chosen the version of the file you want click “Get Files”
You’ll then be able to choose where to save the file(s), what to do if a file with the same name already exists and also set permissions on the file(s).  Once that is set hit “Go” and your files will be restored.

Moving to a new computer

When you get a new device, Code42s replace device wizard can help you transfer files, move your backup, and update settings from a previous device. This is recommended if you are:

  • Moving a backup to a new device
  • Replacing an old device
  • Replacing your device’s main hard drive
  • Recovering after an operating system reinstall

Instructions can be found here:
Code42 Replace Your Device