The College offers three data storage options.

Nasuni – Your Home drives.  25GB limit, files are backed up nightly and easily restored if issues arise.
Google Drive – Unlimited storage, off-campus so can be slow depending on file size. Files are also restore-able.
Big data – Generally used for Research data.  Anything over 100GB that you need access to fast would best be served here.  Files are backed up and easily restore-able.

CATS suggested storage locations

Recommended Usage:Internal DriveExternal DriveGoogle DriveNasuni, Smith H: or S: DrivesEquallogic Big Data Storage
Sharing with Colleaguesmaybeyesyesmaybemaybe
Sharing with Studentsmaybeyesyesmaybemaybe
Sharing controlled by YOUyesyesyesnono
Sharing controlled by CATS/ITSmaybemaybemaybeyesmaybe
Live Collaborative Worknonoyesnono
Active Research Data Sets < 25GByesyesyesyesmaybe
Active Research Data Sets > 1TBmaybemaybenonoyes
PII/Sensitive Datacautioncautionnoyesmaybe
Client Backup*nomaybenomaybeno

Chart Key

yes= Yesno= No
maybe= Maybecaution= Caution

Data Management Plan

Data Visualization

Live Data

Physics Weather
Building OS

Restoring versions of your data

You are able to restore your own data via all supported storage solutions.

  • Nasuni/NAS – On a Windows computer you can right click on the folder or the file and restore a previous version of that file.  If the file was completely deleted you will need to contact ITS to have the file/folder restored.  Mac users, you need to use a Windows computer to do this.
  • Google – you can open the file and go to File > revision history.  More in-depth instructions are available here: