The CATS group supports nearly 20 computer labs and classrooms housing approximately 250 classroom computers throughout the Science Center.  Here is the complete list of Smith College classrooms from the Registrar.   The following spaces are under our direct purview:

Bass B024 iMacsMac/Win26YStatistics & Data Sciences
Bass 10221 iMacsMac/Win25YRegistrar/25 Live
Bass 10327 iMacsMac/Win25YRegistrar/25 Live
Burton 1098 iMacsMac15YGeosciences
Burton 30212 iMacsMac14YRegistrar/25 Live
Burton Forum7 iMacsMac25N/AMath
Ford 0302 Dells, 2 iMacsMacN/AOpen
Ford 1459 DellsWin20NEngineering
Ford 24120 iMacsMac/Win40YComputer Science
Ford 24320 iMacsMac/Win25N/AOpen
Ford 3378 Dells, 3 iMacsMac/Win15NChemistry
Ford 34215 Dells Win/Linux30YComputer Science
Ford 3458 iMacs, 4 Mac minisMac/Win30YComputer Science
McConnell 40612 iMacsMac
Sabin Reed 10422 DellsWin25YSpatial Analysis
Sabin Reed 138
2 iMacsMacN/AOpen
Sabin Reed 30512 Mac minisMac20NPhysics
Sabin Reed 30812 Mac minisMac12NPhysics
Sabin Reed 4086 iMacsMac12NBiology
Sabin Reed 4111 DellWin