Senior Week Workshops

Calling all aspiring cartographers and spatial thinkers! Interested in developing your map-making skills? Have some spare time during Senior Week? The Spatial Analysis Lab would like to invite Smith students, faculty, staff, and community to join us for a series of informal mapping workshops Tuesday – Friday of Senior Week (5/12-5/15). The workshops are open […]

Interterm Course 2015 — Recap

The Spatial Analysis Lab was excited to kick of 2015 with an intro to GIS interterm course in the first week of January Term! 14 students joined us in the SAL for 5 days of GIS exploration with ArcGIS. The course was structured around the development of key GIS skills. Each day focused on one or […]

November in Review

Well, November was quite a busy month. So busy,  in fact,  that we were unable to spend time writing weekly updates to post. Our review covers the entire month of November and is organized by type of work: Overview Class Support 1. Study of Women and Gender 230 2. Spaces of Mexico (SoMec) 3. ENV201/202 4. Soc232 Student […]

Last Week Review (October 13th-17th)

Participations from the SAL during the week of October 13th-17th: 1. Lying with Maps: initial lab session with ENV311 2. Meeting with Lewis Global Studies Center about Study Abroad data 3. Ebola Mapping Workshop at Amherst College 4. Finalized India Rainfall Maps with Economics Professor Vis Taraz 5. One-on-one sessions with “mappers” from Study of […]

Four Weeks In

Four Weeks In: So much Accomplished, but OH So Much More to Do The fall semester is in full swing, and the Spatial Analysis Lab (SAL) is feeling the heat of the ever quickening pace across campus. The month of September has been packed full of workshops, class support, individual faculty and student support, new […]

News Update: End of Fall 2013 Semester

Somehow, the Fall 2013 semester is already drawing to a close. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of student projects and preparations for some exciting things coming in 2014. Several classes this semester had major final projects that involved spatial data and GIS analysis. First, of course, the final projects for the Introductory […]

ENV 201/202, Fall 2013

Food Desert Interactive Maps: USDA Food Environment Atlas: USDA Food Access Research AtlasL ESRI Food Desert Finder:;4722931.8985;10 Another version of the same map: Social Explorer: Things to think about while exploring the maps: How are the creators of this map defining a “food desert”? What spatial data are they including in their criteria? Is the […]

Summer Science: Useful Links

Comparing aerial photos: Google Imagery Bing Imagery If it doesn’t automatically load the Sattelite/Aerial imagery, find the option in the menu bar to switch to this view. Questions to talk about with your partner: What happens as you zoom in and out? Do the Bing and Google imagery adjust at the same zoom levels? What […]

News Update: November 27, 2012

November was a busy month in the Smith Spatial Analysis Lab! (Aren’t they all…) At the start of the month, environmental justice was an academic theme. Since this area of sociology and environmental studies pulls in elements of demography, law and policy, natural resources, public health, and social justice, it is truly a rich subject […]

News Update: October 29, 2012

With the fall semester halfway over, things have been pretty hectic in the Spatial Analysis Lab! We are gearing up to provide regular support to two additional Environmental Science and Policy classes in the coming months. Students in a core course in the major, Collecting and Analyzing Information, will be working with GIS data to […]