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Data Collection Fall 2022
Ethics of Drones Code of Conduct document
High-Accuracy Data Collection with Field Maps Folder with tutorials and exercise data
Recreational, Mapping, and Survey-grade GPS: What's the Difference?  
Volunteering with the NepRWA: GIS Data Collection Microhabitat Assessment Protocol Draft_v3


Election Mapping Fall 2020
Part 1: What's in a Map?   Part 1 recording
Part 2: Polling a Polling Station Part 2 tutorial Part 2 recording
Part 3: Redistricting & Gerrymandering Part 3 exercise Part 3 recording
Part 4: Electing Data Part 4 tutorial Part 4 recording
Part 5: Crafting a Spatial Narrative with StoryMaps StoryMaps tutorial Part 5 recording
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- Election-related mapping resources

- Local Government Redistricting Project, 2020-2022


Crowdsource Mapping Spring 2020
Part 1: Designing & Collecting Data with Survey123 Part 1 tutorial Part 1 recording
Part 2: Creating a Web Map from Survey123 Part 2 tutorial Part 2 recording
Part 3: Styling a Web Map Part 3 tutorial Part 3 recording
Part 4: Incorporating an Interactive Map in a StoryMap or Web App Part 4 tutorial Part 4 recording
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- Q&A

- COVID-19 related mapping resources


Maps that Engage & Promote Change Spring 2018
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- detailed agenda

- resources on critical cartography, design thinking & mapping


Esri Training

You can browse and take Esri Training lessons with an ArcGIS Online account (how to sign in). We also tailored the following learning paths that reflect essential GIS skills from classes in Environmental Science & Policy, Landscape Studies, Geosciences, Botanic Gardens, or Engineering. 

Plan URL Platform Approximate Hours Module Details Prerequisite
Basic GIS Training Link ArcMap 14 - Getting Started with GIS

- Basics of Geographic Coordinate Systems

- Basics of Map Projections

- Getting Started with ArcMap

- Map Design Fundamentals

- Getting Started with Spatial Analysis

Basic GIS Training introduces important concepts in GIS and cartography, and uses hands-on exercises in ArcMap. You don't need prior knowledge to take this path. 
Editing & Managing Spatial Data Link ArcMap 9 - Getting Started with ArcMap

- Finding Geographic Data in ArcGIS

- Getting Started with Data Management

- Creating & Editing Metadata in ArcGIS

Basic to intermediate familiarity with ArcMap
The Editing & Managing Spatial Data path focuses on finding and transforming spatial data and metadata. Best suited for those who have basic familiarity with ArcMap and spatial data.
Web-mapping with ArcGIS Online Link ArcGIS Online 7 - Creating & Sharing GIS Content Using ArcGIS Online

- Get Started with Configurable Apps

- Policy Mapping - Improve Newborn Health

- Creating Web Applications Using Templates and ArcGIS Web AppBuilder

Basic familiarity with GIS
For those who want to learn ArcGIS Online for making web maps and web map applications. Suggested to first take Basic GIS Training.
Data Collection with Survey123 & Collector  Link ArcMap, ArcGIS Online, Survey123, Collector 20 - Field Data Collection & Management Using ArcGIS

- Survey123 for ArcGIS: Get Started with Online Surveys

- Survey123 for ArcGIS: Author a Survey on the Web

- Collector for ArcGIS: An Introduction

- Collector for ArcGIS: High Accuracy Data Collection

Basic to intermediate familiarity with ArcMap, ArcGIS Online, Survey123, Collector
For those who want to use Survey123 or Collector to do field data collection. Helps to be flexible between the platforms and familiarity with data collection.
ArcGIS Pro Fundamentals & More Link ArcGIS Pro 24 - ArcGIS Pro Basics

- Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro

- ArcGIS Pro Terminology Guide

- Managing Map Layers in ArcGIS Pro

- Displaying Data in ArcGIS Pro

- Querying Data in ArcGIS Pro

- Integrating Data in ArcGIS Pro

- Editing Basics in ArcGIS Pro

- ArcGIS Pro: Analysis & Geoprocessing Essentials

- ArcGIS Pro: Raster Functions

- Processing Raster Data Using ArcGIS Pro

- Getting Started with the Geodatabase

- Dynamic Image Processing in ArcGIS Pro

- 3D Visualization Using ArcGIS Pro

Basic to intermediate experience with ArcMap
A comprehensive lesson plan to learn ArcGIS Pro, the modules after the break line are optional for more advanced analysis. 
Interpolating Surfaces Using ArcMap Link ArcGIS Pro 18 Spatial Interpolation with ArcGIS Pro

- Geostatistical Interpolation: Introduction

- Geostatistical Interpolation: Using Empirical Bayesian Kriging and EBK Regression Prediction

- Geostatistical Interpolation: Reaggregating Data Using Areal Interpolation

- Geostatistical Interpolation: Creating a 3D Prediction Surface

- Interpolate 3D Oxygen Measurements in Monterey Bay

- Model Water Quality Using Interpolation

Intermediate to advanced in ArcGIS Pro
Advanced spatial analysis on interpolation






MOOC (Massive Online Open Course)


     - Duration: 4-6 weeks

     - Availability upon open registration, a certificate upon completion


     - From Hong Kong Polytechnic University: Intro to GeoInformatics


     - Audit for free

     - From UC Davis: Fundamentals of GIS, GIS Specialization

OER (Open Educational Resource) / OCW (OpenCourseWare)

     - From MIT

     - From Penn State

LinkedIn Learning